Representative publications

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Alternative methylation of intron motifs is associated with cancer-related gene expression in both canine mammary tumor and human breast cancer.
Nam AR et al. Clinical Epigenetics (BMC). 2020
Transplantation of hMSCs Genome Edited with LEF1 Improves Cardio-Protective Effects in Myocardial Infarction.
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Somatic Mutation of PIK3CA (H1047R) Is a Common Driver Mutation Hotspot in Canine Mammary Tumors as Well as Human Breast Cancers.
Lee KH, Hwang HJ et al. Cancers (Basel). 2019
Overproduction of inter-α-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain 1 after loss of Gα13 in liver exacerbates systemic insulin resistance in mice.
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Methylation of LINE-1 in cell-free DNA serves as a liquid biopsy biomarker for human breast cancers and dog mammary tumors.
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CD276 (B7-H3) Maintains Proliferation and Regulates Differentiation in Angiogenic Function in Late Endothelial Progenitor Cells.
Son Y et al. Stem Cells. 2019
Coronary stents with inducible VEGF/HGF-secreting UCB-MSCs reduced restenosis and increased re-endothelialization in a swine model.
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Paraoxonase-1 (PON1) induces metastatic potential and apoptosis escape via its antioxidative function in lung cancer cells.
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Nedd4 Deficiency in Vascular Smooth Muscle Promotes Vascular Calcification by Stabilizing pSmad1.
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Injectable multifunctional microgel encapsulating outgrowth endothelial cells and growth factors for enhanced neovascularization.
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Proteogenomic Study beyond Chromosome 9: New Insight into Expressed Variant Proteome and Transcriptome in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Tissues.
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Integrated glycoproteomics demonstrates fucosylated serum paraoxonase 1 alterations in small cell lung cancer.
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