Meet the crew
 We are scientists (both youngsters and old but young-at-heart) with diverse backgrounds and affiliations that bring wide-ranging perspectives and experience to our laboratory, university, and community. We are a fun, creative team that does not shy away from hard work required in pursuing our science. Our collective training is in the biological sciences, omics technologies, computing, and veterinary medicine. Members of our lab are routinely tasked to help train next-generation veterinarian-scientists in our college through intensive lab rotations and coaching. We strive to make paradigm-shifting discoveries and advance a new generation of scientific leaders.

Ji Hoon Oh

Research Assistant Professor
I am interested on how cancer develops specific vulnerabilities based on important developmental processes. In my research, I tease out this problem using various approaches focusing on developmental gene expression and chromatin biology. Aside from science, my role as a research professor includes guiding early graduate students to gain independence and maturity in the lab.
M.Sc./PhD, Anatomy, Yonsei University, College of Medicine (Seoul, KR)

Najeong Kim

 I am a wanderer in the mysterious world of non-coding RNA. My current research is focused on discovering a key long non-coding RNA factor that plays an important role in cardiac function using mouse as a model system. I look at myself as a persistent trainee who hopes to become a great scientist in the (near) future! I love doing pilates and yoga.
B.Sc., Biological Sciences, Sookmyung Women's University (Seoul, KR)

Mark Borris Aldonza

 I identify as a cancer biologist who works at the intersection of chemical biology, immunity, and glycobiology. I aim to discover new mechanisms of metastasis, immune evasion, and tumor evolution using chemical and genetic tools, bioinformatics, animal models, and patient-derived organoids. I also have an interest in exploring the RNA world in the context of cancer. Outside the lab, I have a fond interest in astronomy, learning foreign cultures, and politics. I am not a K-pop fan but I love dancing to the tunes of Nunu Nana (Jessie), God's Menu (Stray Kids), or Not Shy (Itzy). I enjoy experimenting with food and secretly hopes to become an expert in molecular gastronomy. I play tennis and recently learned how to swim. My goal is to run my own (well-funded) lab focused on disease evolution and train the next-generation science X-Men (or Avengers).
 B.Sc., Biological Sciences, Science & Technology Policy, KAIST (Daejeon, KR)
2012-2013 Research technician, College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University
2013-2015 Research assistant, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University
2016 Visiting research fellow, University of Tokyo, Komaba
2017 Visiting research fellow, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of AAS
2016-2020 Research assistant, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST

Jeong-Woon Lee

 As a veterinarian, I work on science that benefits both humans and animals. I am interested in dissecting the chromatin accessibility profiles of human and canine cancers with the hopes to provide clinical implications that would aid in managing cancer in a cross-species manner. I am working to become an expert in using ATAC-seq and other omics tools in addressing important medical problems. I like gaming, exploring new places, and playing with my dog, Choco! 
DVM, Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University (Seoul, KR)


A-Reum Nam

 I am studying the epigenetic landscapes of immunity in both human and canine cancers. I find it interesting that certain biological phenomena can be controlled by specific mechanistic logic. In my research, I use a whole lot of bioinformatics to reveal, in a hypothesis-free manner, the many secrets of cancer. I enjoy sports (i.e., ski, swimming, bowling) and taking Vlogs and making photographic memories. My goal is to publish my research in the journal Nature Medicine, which has an impact factor of 36.13. 
B.Sc./M.Sc., Biomedical Laboratory Science, Konyang University (Daejeon, KR)

Keun Hong Son

 I am a bioinformatician who strives to learn how we can use and develop computational models and methods to understand and control complex biological systems and treat disease. I look at cancer as a systems-level disease and therefore believe that a global view of the multiple levels of dysfunction in cancer will best inform clinical management strategies. I am training to become adept at using machine learning methods to leverage my research. Other than science, I love skydiving, scuba diving, and snowboarding! 
B.Sc./M.Sc., Microbiology, Dankook University (Cheonan, KR)

Tae-Jin Shin

 I am exploring how long non-coding RNAs can act as critical regulators of epigenetic modification. In general, the idea of epigenetic inheritance intrigues me. I believe success is confounded by daily habitual routines!  
B.Sc., Animal Bio Science, Konkuk University (Seoul, KR) 

HuiSu Kim

 I am fascinated by the biogenesis and function of exosomes. I look at exosomes as "molecular mails" that are released by cells and package some important raw and functional biological materials and thus bridge important connections between cells and the microenvironment. The focus of my research is to piece together the intricate puzzle that encompasses the regulation of generation and function of these lipid vesicles and the materials that they carry during tumor progression.
B.Sc., Biochemistry, Chungbuk National University (Cheongju, KR)

Su-Jin Jeong

PhD student
 My research interest lies in understanding epigenetic regulatory mechanisms of canine and human cancer progression. Eventually, I hope my research leads to the development of clinically important disease biomarkers. I like hanging out with friends, taking photos, and travelling!  
B.Sc., Microbiology, Chungbuk National University (Cheongju, KR)

Hoonyoung Yoon

 I am an outgoing adventurist! I love exploring the many ways science can positively impact humanity. I am currently involved in several projects but hoping to become an expert bioinformatician. My goal is to develop tools that would help other scientists answer their deep questions about diseases. Life is not what it is without travelling!  
 B.Sc., Biomedical Laboratory Science, Yonsei University (Wonju, KR)
2019-2020 Research intern, KIST


A-In Kim

 As I've spent student-years in the US, I'm enjoying my new journey here in Korea at SNU! My research topic would be determined a while later, but I look forward to conducting innovative experiments related to canine and human health. My long-term goal is to launch my own company after getting a Ph.D degree. (p.s. I love horse-back riding, dancing, and snuggling up with my dogs!)
B.Sc., Animal Science, UC Davis (California, USA)


Seoyoung Cheon

I'm interested in epigenetic regulation, especially how DNA methylation is regulated and distributed temporal or spatially. My goal is to pursue the truth, and I hope my research will help not only for health but also for justice, such as forensic science. Other than that, I really like to spend my free time doing nothing with my lovely black cat, kong.
B.Sc., Division of life Science, Gyeongsang National University (Jinju, KR)


Jong-Hyeok Park

In our global struggle against cancer, I'm fully committed to transforming it from a life-altering diagnosis to a manageable condition. Having personally witnessed its impact on patients and families, I'm motivated to contribute to this vital research. Even though I'm in the early stages, my determination is unwavering. I look forward to our journey in this essential field, aiming to positively change the narrative of cancer diagnosis.
B.Sc.,  Biological Sciences, CHA University (Pocheon, KR)


Jiyoon Kim

I love biology and enjoy the thrill of taking on new challenges, which allows me to pursue my passion while living a joyful life in our lab. I have a fondness for studying immune cells and DNA methylation. Currently, I'm investigating how DNA methylation, as a regulator of gene expression, influences the function of immune cells in the context of breast cancer. My ultimate goal is to make a significant contribution to humanity's mission of conquering cancer. I'm excited about the prospect of conducting great research with amazing people right here in the future!
B.Sc., Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Korea Polytechnic University (Siheung, KR)


Yeo-Jin Im

B.Sc., Biological Sciences, Dankook University (Cheonan, KR)


Haeju Lee

B.Sc., Plant Biosciences, Pusan National University (Busan, KR)


Heung-Seok Bae

 I have always been interested on what goes awry when cancer develops. I believe that the solution to "curing" cancer lies in our ability to understand the complexity of human and animal biology. I enjoy learning new experimental techniques and new kind of science. My research focuses on how a specific transcription factor could be leveraged in treatment of lung cancer.
M.Sc., Natural Products Science, Seoul National University (Seoul, KR)
B.Sc., Plant Resource Development, Sunchon National University (Suncheon, KR)


Ji-Eun Sung

Lab Manager